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I. What Community Members Need to Know
II. Conducting a Community Notification
III. Managing Sex Offenders
IV. The Role of the Community
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Section 1: Lecture Content and Teaching Notes
What Community Members Need to Know about Sexual Assault and Sex Offenders

55 minutes

(5 minutes)

So far today you have learned that sexual assault is widespread but that you can take precautions to reduce your own and others' risk of victimization. Because these crimes are typically committed in secrecy and engender great fear of reporting among victims, many sex offenders living among us have not been identified by our justice system. For this reason, it is important to take the precautions outlined here today, not just when a known sex offender is living in your community, but all the time.

Most importantly, we all can help in preventing this horrible crime. To recap, some of the things you can do, you have already begun today:
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If you plan to go on using sections 3 and 4 of this curriculum, regarding management of sex offenders in the community, you might want to include items 4 and 5 here as a transition to the next part of your agenda.

  1. Educate yourself about sexual assault. (Your presence here satisfies this one!)

  2. Learn how to reduce the risk of sexual assault to yourself and others and how to get involved in prevention.

  3. Learn how to help survivors recover from sexual assault and heal.

  4. Learn about safe methods of managing sex offenders in the community.

  5. Learn about what is in place in your community to deal with sex offenders.