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Section 1: Supervision of Sex Offenders in The Community:
An Overview of The Training

3 hours, 45 minutes

(30 minutes)

(25 minutes)

Refer to Handout icon Refer to Handout: Refer to Case Study and Section 1, Exercise 2: Case Study Questions. The trainer may want to introduce the Case Study here or in Section 2. The first questions are very general and can provide the basis for some neutral discussion of experience and expectations. The Case Study and Section 1 questions can also be assigned for review outside of class. This can give participants an opportunity to review the case more thoroughly before getting into the more challenging questions in Sections 2 and 3.
Read the Case Study provided in the participant materials and respond to the questions in Section 1, Exercise 2:
  1. Are Mike's instant offenses and his background similar to any of the offenders that you have supervised? What are the unique supervision challenges associated with sex offenders who have profiles similar to Mike's?

  2. Have you also supervised sex offenders who possess more stable social, educational, and family backgrounds than Mike? Are there particular challenges associated with supervising sex offenders who seem to have very prosocial lifestyles (e.g., those who are consistently employed, live with their families, have advanced academic backgrounds, etc.)?

Note: The trainer may want to inform participants when the next training section(s) will be covered, who should attend, and what materials they should cover before the next session.
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