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Section 1: Overview
TOPIC: Introduction

  • Learning Objectives
  • Learning Activity: Introductions of Faculty and Participants
30 min.
TOPIC: The Need for a Training Curriculum on the Management of Sex Offenders in the Community

  • The Presence of Sex Offenders in the Community
  • Consequences to the Victim and the Community of Re-offense
  • Goals of this Curriculum
  • Training Segments
5 min.
TOPIC: Victims of Sexual Assault

  • Introduction
  • Who are the Victims of Sex Offenses?
  • Consequences of Sexual Assault
  • Why Is This Information About Victims Relevant to Your Work?
30 min.
TOPIC: Sex Offenders

  • Who are Sex Offenders?
  • What do Sex Offenders Do?
  • Typology of Sex Offenders
30 min.
TOPIC: An Emerging Approach to Sex Offender Supervision

  • Challenges and Responses
  • Learning Activity: Collaboration
40 min.

Section 2: Innovative Approaches to Supervision of Sex Offenders in the Community

TOPIC: Introduction

  • Learning Objectives
5 min.
TOPIC: A Victim-Centered Approach to Supervision

  • Introduction
  • A Victim Perspective at the Policy Level
  • A Victim Perspective at the Case Management Level
  • Learning Activity: Considering a Victim-Centered Approach
50 min.
TOPIC: A Collaborative Approach to Sex Offender Management

  • Understanding Collaboration
  • Learning Activity: Community Mapping
  • Why is Collaboration Important for Managing Sex Offenders?
  • Collaborative Team Activities
  • Maintaining a Collaborative Approach
  • An Essential Arena for Collaboration: The Relationship Between Supervision, Treatment, and Victim Advocacy
  • Roles of the Supervision Team Members
  • The Containment Approach: Supervision, Treatment, and the Polygraph
  • Cautions About Overlapping Roles
1 hr., 30 min.
TOPIC: The Management Team Redefined: Networks of Supervision

  • Networks of Supervision
10 min.
TOPIC: Summary

  • Learning Activity: Review Discussion
10 min.

Section 3: Components of Supervision: Specialized Approaches to Managing Sex Offenders

TOPIC: Introduction

  • Learning Objectives
5 min.
TOPIC: Relapse Prevention as a Framework for Supervision

  • A Cognitive Behavioral Model
  • Offense Cycle
20 min.
TOPIC: Caseload Organization: Specialization

  • Specialization as a Practice
5 min.
TOPIC: The Pre-sentence Investigation (PSI)

  • What is a Pre-sentence Investigation?
5 min.
TOPIC: Sex Offender Assessment

  • Sex Offender Assessment by Probation/Parole
  • Identification of Risk Factors
  • Assessing the Probability of Reoffense
  • Sex Offender-Specific Risk Assessment Instruments
  • Learning Activity: RRASOR
  • Interpreting the RRASOR Score
45 min.
TOPIC: Classification

  • Classification: Risk and Resources
  • Example of a Classification Tool
10 min.
TOPIC: Developing and Monitoring Conditions of Supervision

  • Sex Offender-Specific Conditions
  • Using Special Conditions as Tools to Manage Risk
  • Applying Standard Sex Offense Conditions
  • Effective Monitoring of the Conditions
  • Taking Appropriate Action when Violations Occur
  • Amending Conditions of Supervision Based on New Information
35 min.
TOPIC: The Case Plan

  • Introduction
  • Controlling the Environment
  • Involving the Offender in Appropriate Treatment
10 min.
TOPIC: Maintaining the Case File

  • Importance of Documentation in Sex Offender Management
  • Perspectives on the Importance of the Case File
5 min.
TOPIC: Statutory Requirements for Community Notification, Registration, and DNA Testing

5 min.
TOPIC: Lengthening Periods of Supervision and Authorizing Lifetime Supervision

5 min.
TOPIC: Surveillance

5 min.
TOPIC: Effectiveness of Sex Offender Treatment

  • Review of the Research
5 min.
TOPIC: Sex Offender Treatment

  • Distinctions From Other Types of Treatment
  • What Comprises Sex Offender Treatment?
  • Summary
15 min.
TOPIC: Summary

10 min.