Medium Version: Components of Supervision: Specialized Approaches to Managing Sex Offenders


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Table of Contents

Learning Objectives

Components of Supervision

Relapse Prevention

Officers Can Support Relapse Prevention by:

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Specialized Skills for Sex Offender Supervision

The PSI Provides Information Regarding

Pre-sentence Investigation Recommendations

Assessing/Evaluating the Sex Offender to Support Safe Management in the Community

Assessment Supports Many Aspects of Supervision.

Identification of Static Risk Factors

Identification of Dynamic Risk Factors

Assessing the Probability of Re-offense

Risk Assessment Methods and Instruments

Example Instrument: .The RRASOR

Re-offense Rates on the RRASOR

Conditions of Supervision for Sex Offenders

Indications for Increased Monitoring

Red Flags for Supervising Officers


Disengagement (cont.)



Manipulation (cont.)

Situations Requiring.Immediate Removal of Offender

Responses to Limit Risk

Amending Conditions of Supervision

Developing a Case Plan

The Case Plan: .Two Major Elements

An Appropriate Treatment Referral--Issues to Consider

Maintaining the Case File

Increasing Requirements on Probation and Parole

Lengthening Periods of Supervision

Surveillance as a Tool for Sex Offender Supervision

Review of the Research (cont.)

Review of the Research (cont.)

Review of theResearch (cont.)

Summary of Research on Treatment Effectiveness

Summary of Research on Treatment Effectiveness (cont.)

Effectiveness of Treatment Plus Supervision

Traditional vs. Sex Offender Treatment

Traditional vs. Sex Offender Treatment (cont.)

Primary Goal of Treatment -- Reduce Future Victimization

Treatment Providers Must be Willing to...

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