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Long Version
Section 1: The Basics of Sex Offender–Specific Treatment

TOPIC: Curriculum Goals and Content 35 min.
  • Introductions of Faculty and Participants
TOPIC: Introduction to Section 1—The Basics of Sex Offender–Specific Treatment 10 min.
  • Learning Objectives
TOPIC: The Goal of Sex Offender–Specific Treatment 30 min.
  • Reducing Future Victimization
TOPIC: Differences Between Sex Offender–Specific Treatment and Other Forms of Mental Health Treatment 30 min.
  • Involuntary Clients
  • Victim and Community Focus
  • Limited Confidentiality
  • Provider Sets Treatment Goals
  • Collaboration Among Professions
TOPIC: Characteristics of Current Sex Offender–Specific Treatment Methods Group Treatment 30 min.
  • Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy
  • Psychopharmacology: Treating Sex Offenders with Medication
  • Specialized Sex Offender Assessment
    • Criminal Justice Assessmentst
    • Clinical (or Treatment) Assessments
    • Psycho–Physiological Assessments
TOPIC: Summary
References and Resources