Dr. Kurt Bumby, Senior Manager, Center for Sex Offender Management (CSOM), Madeline Carter, CSOM Project Director, and Tom Talbot and Leilah Gilligan, Senior Managers, CSOM, were the primary authors of this document. Special appreciation must be extended to Georgia Cumming, David D’Amora, Robert McGrath, and Scott Matson for their substantial contributions to the development of this document from its inception. Thanks also go to Rachelle Giguere of CSOM for her assistance in the publication of this protocol.

In addition, CSOM expresses considerable gratitutde to the following experts for their significant investments of time in providing insightful reviews, substantive guidance, and support:

Finally, CSOM wishes to acknowledge the following Bureau of Justice Assistance Comprehensive Approaches to Sex Offender Management grantees who utilized the pilot version of this protocol as part of a comprehensive assessment of their sex offender management practices, and provided helpful feedback about the utility of the instrument and associated processes, and offered recommendations for its enhancement: