One of CSOM’s original mandates has been and remains to provide training for probation and parole agencies and other stakeholders across the country who share responsibility for sex offender management. In the spirit of this mandate, CSOM designs and conducts training events at national, regional, and statewide professional conferences, and in specific jurisdictions (cities, counties, states, and regions of the country) that are designed to address the particular substantive needs and issues of the host agencies. In addition, the project is developing a comprehensive set of curricula that can be used by probation and parole staff, treatment providers, victim advocates, law enforcement personnel, judges, prosecutors, and justice system educators to plan and develop their own live training events on a variety of specific issues related to sex offender management.

The following curricula are available:

Each curriculum includes:

Each curriculum is also available on CD–ROM. The CD–ROM versions of the curricula are particularly useful to those who do not have access to the Internet or who have a particularly slow Internet connection. For more information about CSOM training events, the curriculum, or obtaining a CD–ROM copy of one or more of the curricula, please contact Leilah Gilligan at Unfortunately, we are not able to ship CD–ROM’s to a PO Box number; please provide an actual street address.


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