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I. What Community Members Need to Know
II. Conducting a Community Notification
III. Managing Sex Offenders
IV. The Role of the Community
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If you are preparing to conduct a session for community members and would like background reading to better prepare yourself for the event, the following materials may be of assistance.

For information on collaborative models of managing sex offenders, consult the following resources:

Center for Sex Offender Management (2000, January). Community Supervision of the Sex Offender: An Overview of Current and Promising Practice. Silver Spring, MD.

Center for Sex Offender Management (2000, October). The Collaborative Approach to Sex Offender Management. Silver Spring, MD.

Center for Sex Offender Management (2001, April). Case Studies on the Center for Sex Offender Management's National Resource Sites, 2nd Edition, Revised. Silver Spring, MD.

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