Curriculum Content

The following is a preview of the content in the curriculum’s six sections:

Section 1: Introduction

This section will introduce the goals and scope of the training curriculum, which will include what current data tells us about sexual victimization and sex offenders, why experts believe that individuals commit sex offenses, and what the implications of these particular findings might be for our efforts to prevent sexual victimization.

Section 2: The Nature and Scope of Sex Offending

This section will provide a general overview of sexual victimization – its incidence and prevalence, known reporting rates, and a few basic trends pertaining to these kinds of offenses, and will highlight general information about the sex offenders who come to the attention of the authorities.

Section 3: Common Characteristicsof Sex Offenders

This section considers what the research and practice literature tells us about sex offenders, in terms of some characteristics that they may share as a group overall, as well as some ways in which they differ.  This may ultimately help to understand why some individuals engage in sexually abusive behaviors so that we are better able to make decisions about the kinds of interventions that may be most effective for certain aspects of this population.

Section 4: Subtypes and Typologies

This section will explore ways in which researchers and practitioners have tried to identify more similar groups or subtypes of sex offenders.  These subtypes can provide ways in which we can think about different types of sex offenders, and may help us tailor our intervention efforts according to what might work best with those particular types of offenders.

Section 5: Etiological and Explanatory Theories

This section will cover theories of etiology – or ideas about why sex offenders do what they do.  Because some of these underlying theories can drive some of our sex offender management efforts, it can be helpful to have an understanding of some of them in the broad sense.

Section 6: Conclusion

This section will summarize and highlight the key “take home” messages of the curriculum.

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