Curriculum Overview

This curriculum on Understanding Sex Offenders contains the following components for trainers who wish to plan and conduct live events on this topic:

Overview Materials

The overview materials include a section called Issues and Cautions for Users and a User’s Guide. The Issues and Cautions section provides information about adapting the curriculum to meet the specific needs of the audiences with which it is used and suggestions about the qualifications of trainers. The User’s Guide explains the curriculum’s icons and notations, and reviews the information that is provided in the curriculum about how much time trainers should spend on specific topics and activities. It also includes tips on facilitating exercises and small group work and a brief overview of important training terms.

Evaluation Form

Also included in this curriculum is an evaluation form that users may find helpful in assessing participants’ reactions to their training experiences. The form can be duplicated and distributed to training participants for completion at the end of trainings. Users are encouraged to share the results of the training evaluations with CSOM. This will assist the project in refining and improving future editions of this and other training curricula.

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