Hints on Using the Site Search

The Center for Sex Offender Management Web site uses Excite (a Microsoft Index Server search engine) which will search the pages within the site for the words you type in and return those pages that contain the word(s) you typed. You can then view those pages by clicking on the links provided.

Performing a Search

To search, simply type the word or words that describe your topic into the open search box. Click on the search button to submit your search.

Combining Terms

You can combine your search words with AND, OR, and NOT or with parentheses ( ). For example, if you are searching for information on Community and Supervision and Sex offender, you could enter: (Community and Supervision) and Sex offender

Do not enclose your search terms in quotes unless quotes are a part of the expression for which you are searching.

Interpreting Your Search Results

Documents matching your query are displayed in order of relevance, with those judged most relevant listed first. Excite gives each search result a percentage rating which indicates how well it matches your query.

Next to the percentage rating is a small red or black icon that you can click on to find pages that are similar. Clicking on this button will bring back a 100–percent rating for the page you selected.

Your search terms are treated with a “fuzzy AND” operator. For example, if you enter the terms residential treatment and facility, Excite will search for those terms anywhere on the CSOM site. Excite will find documents with any or all of those terms, including residential treatment facility, treatment facility and facility. On your screen, results documents with all three terms will be ranked higher than documents with only one or two of those terms.

If You Find Too Much

Make your wording more specific. Remember that all of the pages on the Web site deal with sex offenders. Therefore, including words like sex, sexual, offender, or criminal in your search will bring back too much.

Add another term into the open search box. For example, instead of entering sex and criminal, type in community concerns and offender management.

If You Find Too Little

Remove one of the terms from your search. If you include too many terms, you may be restricting your search too much.

Change one of the terms to a broader term. For example, replace probation with community supervision. Think of synonyms or related words, and combine them with OR. For example:

Look for and correct any misspellings in the terms you have entered.

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