Section 5: Supervision
2 Hours



Use SlideUse Slide #1: Community Supervision of Juvenile Sex Offenders

The role of community supervision has long been recognized as critical within the juvenile justice system and, without question, a comprehensive approach for managing juvenile sex offenders relies heavily on supervision as well. For the next couple of hours, we’re going to explore some key issues pertaining to the supervision of these youth. The material in this section is divided into three primary parts:

The information covered within each of these areas is informed in large part by the broader body of research and literature on justice–involved youth and, to some extent, by what is known about juvenile sex offenders specifically. It should be acknowledged, however, that most of the existing literature about juvenile sex offenders focuses on assessment and treatment, and very little has been written about supervising these youth within the community. So what we’ll cover in this section also draws upon some noteworthy supervision practices with juvenile sex offenders that have emerged in jurisdictions across the country.


Use SlideUse Slide #2: Goals

The goals of this section are to:

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