Section 6: Reentry
3 Hours

Lecture Topic TOPIC: REENTRY

Family Reunification

Use SlideUse Slide #20: Family Reunification Challenges

As you are no doubt aware, pressure across the nation has increased in recent years to preserve and reunify families in the nation’s juvenile and family courts, and child welfare and social services systems.37 It is, however, a difficult issue that is fraught with many challenges.

Based on your experiences, what are some of the challenges associated with family reunification?


Yes, those are all very significant. Let’s walk through a number of challenges.

Unfortunately, there are no empirical studies that examine promising strategies to address these challenges, and that look at the impact of different approaches to reunification. Furthermore, very little about reunification exists in the professional literature.

Nonetheless, many jurisdictions have determined that it’s not reasonable, realistic, nor advantageous to prohibit all reunification efforts, especially in cases where youth pose a relatively low risk to reoffend, as determined by:

Use SlideUse Slide #21: Key Elements of Reunification

Some jurisdictions have developed specialized reunification policies and protocols that are designed to ensure a comprehensive and coordinated approach. Here are a number of the critical elements of such an approach:  

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