Learning Activities

Learning activities provide opportunities for participants to reflect upon how the information that is presented applies to their own and their agencies’ work. As such, users of this curriculum should make every effort to include activities in their training agendas and promote audience participation. This curriculum includes several learning activities.

During their event planning, trainers should take time to prepare for learning activities. With an audience that includes 25 participants or less, users can engage the entire group in a discussion, or break the audience down into even smaller sections. Discussion sessions that include more than 25 participants can be very challenging to manage, even by a seasoned trainer and facilitator.

As has been mentioned, another important consideration for the learning activities is the composition of the discussion groups. Trainers may want to mix discussion groups or make specific assignments to them based on levels of knowledge and expertise, or agency/discipline affiliation (so, for example, victim advocates and supervision officers meet separately, or more seasoned and less experienced supervision officers meet separately). Users may want to consider utilizing both options (mixed and similarly composed groups) at different times throughout the event.

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