Time Allotment

Throughout this curriculum, users will find guidance and recommendations about how much time they should spend on each section.


Outlines are provided for each section of the curriculum. The outlines include a table of contents for the sections and a suggested time allotment for the specific topics covered in each. Click here to be taken to the outlines of the eight sections of the curriculum.

Lecture Content and Teaching Notes

The Lecture Content and Teaching Notes for each section of the curriculum also contain recommendations about how much time trainers should spend on each topic and on the learning activities that have been included.

Users should remember that the times that have been recommended in this curriculum are MINIMUM times. Neither breaks nor question and answer periods have been included. Trainers are encouraged to schedule breaks approximately every two hours, and to address questions and concerns from the audience in a way that suits their presentation style.

Most of the substantive material is presented in the curriculum in a way that is very easy to tailor and abridge, if necessary. CSOM suggests that users do so according to the size, knowledge and expertise, needs, interests, and questions of the audience.

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