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A Project of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice
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This part of the web site provides all three versions of the "Supervision of Sex Offenders in the Community" curriculum materials in formats that are easy to download and/or print. This aspect of the web site is designed to assist potential trainers and users to generate electronic and/or paper copies of the materials to be used in planning and delivering training.

As a user identifies a portion of the curriculum to be downloaded in electronic form or needed in printed form, he or she can simply click on the Download Center and click on the desired portion of the curriculum. He or she can then click on "save as" to save the file to a local disk drive or "print" to print the file to a local printer.

The curriculum's presentation slides are found at the Download Center in two forms: as easily printable (PDF) files and as PowerPoint files. Any user can view the PowerPoint files by downloading the PowerPoint Viewer provided on the site.

  • Users with PowerPoint software can simply save the PowerPoint versions of the slides to a local disk drive and then use all of the features of PowerPoint to print, display on an LCD projector, create an "outline" version, etc.

  • Users without access to PowerPoint software can use the PDF versions of the slides which can be saved in electronic form and/or printed. These can then be photocopied onto transparencies for use in a presentation, or photocopied onto paper as handouts for training participants. Any user with a question about accessing these materials can click on AskCSOM to send a question and receive a response via email.

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