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Section 4: Lecture Content and Teaching Notes
Sex Offender Specific Treatment in the Context of Supervision

2 hours

(2 minutes)


Note: If a treatment provider is part of the training team, it is recommended that s/he conduct this session.

Note: A full training curriculum on sex offender treatment is forthcoming.

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Note on Learning Activities for Section 4: This section contains six discussion questions. If fewer than 25 participants are present, the trainer may want to stop after each topic and use the questions to process the information just presented. (The section is written in this way.) If the group is larger, the trainer may want to break the group into smaller groups once or twice to discuss and process the material.
At the conclusion of this section, you will be able to—

  • Summarize the research findings about the effectiveness of sex offender treatment;
  • Outline the components of sex offender treatment currently in use around the country;
  • Outline the expectations a probation/parole officer may reasonably hold for a sex offender treatment provider;
  • Identify the characteristics of a sex offender treatment provider associated with effective practice; and
  • Identify at least three ways in which a probation/ parole officer might collaborate with a sex offender treatment provider in order to enhance the effectiveness of supervision.