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Section 5: Practical Supervision Strategies

TOPIC: Introduction

  • Learning Objectives
5 min.
TOPIC: Desensitization

  • What Does it Mean to be Desensitized?
5 min.
TOPIC: Maintaining Control of Interactions

  • Techniques and Strategies
  • Learning Activity: Techniques and Strategies
30 min.
TOPIC: Initial Interviewing

  • Techniques and Strategies
20 min.
TOPIC: Handling Denial

  • Denial
  • Techniques and Strategies
  • Learning Activity: Role Play
60 min.
TOPIC: Being Prepared for Inappropriate Behaviors

  • Common Behaviors of Sex Offenders
20 min.
TOPIC: Managing Intrafamilial Cases of Child Sexual Abuse

  • Challenges for Officers
10 min.
TOPIC: Case Work in Various Settings

  • Effective Use of Contacts
20 min.
TOPIC: Eliciting the Cooperation of Offenders

5 min.
TOPIC: Dealing with Lapses

  • Expecting Lapses and Responding Effectively
15 min.
TOPIC: Testifying in Court

  • Scenarios
  • Requirements
  • Learning Activity: Discussion Questions
30 min.
TOPIC: Preventing and Dealing with Secondary Trauma

  • What is Secondary Trauma?
  • How can Secondary Trauma be Addressed?
20 min.
TOPIC: Summary

  • Learning Activity: Work Planning
  • Conclusion
30 min.