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A Project of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice
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The following icons are used to help guide you through the materials:

New Topic Icon This icon indicates the beginning of a new lecture topic.
Learning Activity Icon This icon indicates a Learning Activity. When you see this icon, you should remember that this is an opportunity for breaking the audience into groups, and you should consider the best composition of the group for this activity.
Question Icon This icon indicates a question that the presenter might like to pose to the group. In most instances, the questions are a follow-up to the lecture content, and in other instances, the questions are presented as an alternative to the lecture format.

Other useful symbols include:

Use Slide # Symbol Use Slide # These appear alongside the relevant text. With a few exceptions the slides provide illustration or additional detail, but do not introduce any new information. They are designed to reinforce points made in the text. The slides are stored in a PowerPoint format. This allows them to be used with an LCD projector or printed out and copied onto transparencies for use with an overhead projector. In addition, they can be printed out as handouts with three or six slides per page and copied for distribution to participants.
Refer to Handout Symbol Refer to Handout This is used for all types of handouts--exercises, illustrative materials and reference handouts. These materials can be duplicated for inclusion in a packet given to participants to use during the training.