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This curriculum uses a Case Study as a learning activity throughout the first three sections of the Long Version. The discussion questions that are provided in the Case Study are interspersed throughout the Long Version and provide opportunities for training participants to apply the substantive information that has been covered. Presenters are encouraged to become familiar with the Case Study, and make any amendments that are deemed necessary to make the case relevant and realistic to their audience. Participants should be discouraged from finding ways to distance themselves from the material (e.g. "it would never happen like that here so why even talk about it").

Because the Case Study is essential to the mastery of the subject matter, trainers are encouraged to allow sufficient time for participants to become familiar with the case. We have suggested introducing it at the end of the first section of the Long Version with some very general questions about the participants' familiarity with sex offender cases. Another option would be to require that participants read the case between sessions—whether it's over lunch on the first day where they could then discuss the questions, or as "homework" before the next section is covered.

While the Case Study is not incorporated into the Brief or Medium Versions, trainers may find it useful to review the Case Study and questions, and draw examples that can be used in their presentation. It could also be used as a "homework" assignment for those who are interested.