Section 4: Enhancing Victim Involvement in Sex Offender Management
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In this section we have provided information about effective interviewing methods that will help you engage victims in the process of effectively supervising sex offenders in the community. Just as important, we have discussed how victim advocates can be important allies in this work, given their specialized knowledge and training about victimization and victims’ concerns. As we begin or further develop our collaboration with victim advocates, it’s likely we will find that many advocates do not have a great deal of information regarding the sex offender management field, and to work together effectively we will need to engage in cross–training to understand what each discipline can and cannot offer. Just as we look to treatment providers to run treatment programs, and polygraph examiners to conduct polygraph exams, we should look to victim advocates as the professionals who can help us establish and implement policies and protocols that will best help us serve past victims and all potential victims in our community.

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