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In November 1996, the Office of Justice Programs (OJP), U.S. Department of Justice convened the National Summit: Promoting Public Safety through the Effective Management of Sex Offenders in the Community. The summit sought input from practitioners, academic researchers, members of a project advisory group, and other experts regarding effective sex offender management strategies. Participants were also asked about the most pressing information and training needs of the field. In response to their recommendations, OJP, the National Institute of Corrections (NIC), and the State Justice Institute (SJI) created the Center for Sex Offender Management.

CSOM has carried out its activities in four primary areas:

Information Exchange

CSOM endeavors to provide useful, current, and accessible information to the field. The project develops and distributes policy and practice briefs on pressing issues; operates this web site; responds to information inquiries from the field, the public, and the media; and compiles and makes available information collected from local and state agencies around the country.

Training and Technical and Assistance

CSOM designs and delivers training programs across the country for the agencies that share responsibility for sex offender management. The project has also developed a series of training curricula on a range of topics related to sex offender management. Please refer to the CSOM Training Curricula Home Page for a list of the curricula available. CSOM also provides technical assistance in a variety of forms to support jurisdictions who have demonstrated their commitment to establishing effective sex offender management strategies. Although federal funding has been available in previous years to support qualifying technical assistance requests, at the present time no such resources are available. However, CSOM staff are available to respond to telephone inquiries and will offer referrals to information and other forms of assistance as they may be available. Beyond this, CSOM staff are able to provide assistance on a fee-for-service basis. For more information about the specific assistance CSOM can offer to your jurisdiction, please contact Leilah Gilligan at lgilligan@cepp.com.

Support to Sites Participating in the Office of Justice Programs' Sex Offender Management Grant Program


CSOM has provided support to OJP’s Comprehensive Approaches to Sex Offender Management (CASOM) grantees in prior years. For more information about prior year grantees, click here.

CSOM Resource Sites

Early in the project, CSOM also identified a number of jurisdictions that aimed to build innovative sex offender management programs. These “Resource Sites” agreed to serve as resources for other jurisdictions who are interested in instituting successful, collaborative supervision programs. For more information about these Resource Sites, click here.