Section 3: Assessment
2 Hours



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Now that we have established a foundation for juvenile sex offender management—both in terms of overarching principles and key components—we are going to begin discussing one of those vital components. Because it is so critical for informing our work with these youth, we’ll start with assessment.

First, we will cover some broad issues related to assessment, including the way in which assessment is defined and conceptualized, why it is important, who is responsible for conducting assessments, and when assessments occur within the juvenile sex offender management process. Then we will talk about the impact that style and process can have on the assessment process, and we will highlight two frameworks used to engage clients.

After that, we will discuss the importance of the pre–sentence/pre–disposition report as a critical assessment in the juvenile justice and juvenile sex offender management processes. The focus of this part of the assessment section will be on the specific elements that should be included in the pre–sentence/pre–disposition report to ensure that it is maximally beneficial to the juvenile courts when juvenile sex offense cases come to their attention.

We will then review the more clinically–focused psychosexual evaluation, highlighting the importance of specialization, the sexual history, and the use of offense–specific assessment instruments with juvenile sex offenders. And finally, we will address the issue of risk assessment—beginning with a review of risk factors and tools for general juvenile offenders, followed by common approaches to sex offender risk assessment, and ending with risk factors and risk assessment specifically pertaining to juvenile sex offenders.


At this point, let’s turn our attention to the training goals for the Assessment section. At the end of this section of the curriculum, participants will be able to understand:

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